God Blessed Morning Family! 

When we Praise God we are acknowledging our Love for Him. When He gave us physical and eternal Life He acknowledged His Love for us. His Love has no beginning nor does it have an ending. The Love we have for Him as well as one another does not even compare to the Love He has for us. The sacrifice of His Son is only one act of Love in which we can begin to understand His level and expression of Unconditional Love. Most choose today to express and celebrate their Love for those in their Life, but if we were to celebrate God everyday we would not need a particular day to express our Love for each other. For Love does not wait to be acknowledged for it cannot be contained nor limited to one day. Love is an expression of us for it is the reason we exist. If you were to ask God to show you an expression of His Love He would show you your reflection in everything in which He has created. Express your Love for God by being a reflection of Him and all that is good for we have the opportunity to Love unconditionally as He Loves us everyday. For as we Praise God everyday we are not only acknowledging our Love for Him we are also affirming and celebrating Him, for He is Love. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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