God Blessed Morning Family! 

Just before the darkest of times there always remains a glimmer of Light. This Light is God's presence Within our Lives. For no matter how dark your days may appear it is not the reality in which God is presenting to you. All your days have lead up to this very moment in which you face your fears and Know that you are not alone. Face your fears and Know That I Am present at all times. God does not test our Faith it is man that tests God. For there are no tests in which God cannot pass, for He is all knowing, all seeing, our creator and our Shepherd. No one incident will define your destiny nor will it remove our blessings from God. For our blessings are given unto us on a constant basis. Even when our hours are dark we are sheltered and our path is illuminated for He is present. You may walk through the shadows but never lose sight of your Faith for you are not blinded nor are you alone. Be Still And Know That I Am. Amen. Hallelujah.  

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