God Blessed Morning Family! 

All Glory be to God for when we feel we are defeated He says our work has just begun. Think about what happens to us when we perceive that we have been defeated in a task. For it is through our perceived defeats we learn to question our past actions and look forward to a time in which we can possibly correct that in which we felt went wrong. Interesting enough God never sees our actions as incorrect but as an opportunity for us to gain a better understanding of how our strengths will serve us along this journey. Man finds defeat as a sign of weakness and does not respect it nor welcomes anything about it. To lose in the eyes of man is to not be good enough and this invokes thoughts of depression and anger along with self-defeating behaviors. While all along it is necessary that we learn to accept defeat as a growth process, for never did God intend for us to be victorious in all of our actions. If we were successful in every endeavour what would we have learned from the experience and when would we seek out the hand of God to lift us up if we felt we were already on top. Defeat is not only for us to question our actions and learn to improve upon them it also allows us to see into the depths of our Soul. For we learn through defeat that it does not kill us it just makes us want to do better and approach Life through a different perspective. For it is in defeat in which we learn that we were already winners in the eyes of God. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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