God Blessed Morning Family! 

We may have several experiences where we feel as if we have fallen and can never recover. The reason for this is that we fail to recognize that God is waiting for us to relinquish control so that He may catch us and lift us up. As children we learned to be independent the moment we took our first steps. From that moment on we struggled to remain in control and in balance of each of our strides in Life. We learned that with our independence came control and less reliance on others, but we failed to see that our independence of others did not mean independence of God. For our world is never void of His presence for nothing we do will be successful without His Hand. We are created individually but we are never alone for He is not only present He awaits our request to guide us through this journey. Although He is our, Father, Creator and Master He will never deny us the opportunity to make the choice to have Him in our Lives. For when our Lives feel out of conrol and we are in a freefall we only need to ask for His help and immediately our Lives will begin to change for the better. Only God has the Power and ability to stop our fall and do what we find impossible to do which is not only catch us when we are falling, but lift us up after we call upon Him. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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