God Blessed Morning Family! 

For it is said that this day would come where what was done in the dark will be exposed in His Light, for this is the year of the reveal. What man has done over the years and hid in darkness is now being exposed and man is being held accountable for his actions of the past. There is no deed good or bad that is done out of His sight, for He Knows and sees all that we do. Because we are not held accountable immediately for our actions does not mean that we are free from being held accountable and asking for His forgiveness of our sins. Redemption is not given unto those who do not atone for their sins. For our past will never leave us until we are accountable for our actions. This year many of the mighty will fall for they will be exposed for what sins they have hidden in the dark. Their actions will be displayed for all to see and they will have no place to hide for when His Light is upon them what was once a dark place will be engulfed in His Light. "The heaven shall reveal his iniquity; and the earth shall rise up against him." Job 20:27 It is not for man to hold man accountable for his actions for all is to be revealed in His Divine Order of Time and witnessed by those in which man has trespassed against. For nothing done in the shadows shall thrive in darkness, for once it is revealed in His Light it loses all false power it held in darkness. Bring your sins of the past to Light and you shall receive His forgiveness for if you allow them to remain in darkness they will hold you hostage and always remain a burden unto you. For no good will come from keeping them in the dark, for they are used as weapons against you. Reveal them unto His Light and you will suffer no more for their weight shall be lifted from your heart and you will Know the Power of His Forgiveness. Be Still And Know That I Am. Amen. Hallelujah.  

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