God Blessed Morning Family! 

Being true to yourself is honoring God, for He has made us unique for a reason. Today's society finds it odd if you do not follow along with what everyone else is doing. We have learned that when in groups it is socially acceptable to become chameleon like and blend in with the crowd. We are taught that if you are not wearing the latest fashion or speaking on the same topic you will become isolated and ostracized from the group, or even bullied and labeled weird. God did not create us to become simulated, He did not make one model and then place us on earth to do and say the same things. We must learn to embrace the differences Within us for only then will we Know God, for He is Within all of us. Only can we Know God when we embrace each other first for we will then understand His greatness for He is Within us and we are His greatest creation for although we are uniquely made we are made in His image. For man has said that to try to imitate another man it is to be considered flattering, but what it is is a deniel of the greatness of God Within you. "But I know him: for I am from him, and he hath sent me." John 7:29 Covet no man and you will find that what God has place Within you is not only unique it is a Blessing. Be Still And Know That I Am . Amen. Hallelujah.  

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