God Blessed Morning Family!

When difficult times appear is only then you will see the soul of man. For many walk amongst you cloaked in shadows and covering their eyes to what is right before them. They ignore the poor and weak for they feel it is not their responsibility. They do not see what is before them for they choose to not see beyond their self imposed veils. For many years they have failed to be of service to others for they feel if they choose to not see it then it does not exist. Their past actions are a reflection of their visible soul today for when they choose not to be of service they now struggle when their veil is removed and they have no choice to be of service for now all eyes are exposed and set upon them. For now the soul that was once hidden is now displayed for all to see that what was hidden in shadows and under veils is dark because it failed to receive the Light of God which is reflected in the act of giving one's self to service others in need. It is now during the difficult times in which material wealth is of no importance for it is the Soul of a man that will reach for the Hand of God and reflect His Light upon those in which he is of service. Be Still And Know That I Am.




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