Our Mission & Vision

Life Watering Words promotes a refreshing, innovative and holistic approach to mental, physical and spiritual wellness.  We provide unique methods that assist in the achievement of a well balanced lifestyle that will enhance the overall wellbeing of each of our clients.

I have always found the workings of the mind to be fascinating as it is the unfolding of the inner workings of how our thoughts form our actions. It is clear that overall wellness encompasses not only physical health but also mental and spiritual health.  I have dedicated my practice to providing quality holistic services to our clients that will enhance their mental, spiritual and physical all around wellbeing.  As a counselor I find that my philosophy is to “meet them where they are at”, in other words I tend to learn how my client learns and use that information as a tool to assist them in educating and guiding them in the mental health healing process.  This style I would say is more eclectic in manner because it highlights the client’s strength and builds from that perspective while also helping them to see and understand their weakness while guiding them on ways to improve and eliminate these weaknesses.

Most rewarding work is performed without seeking recognition for doing what is done in service, loving passion and in the name of God.

To be honored for my work is unnecessary since the true reward is in the improvement of my client’s overall wellness.  

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