Engage clients in the therapeutic process that addresses the root cause of trauma while providing tools that will assist them in coping as well as taking back control to overcome the effects of PTSD. 

Educating communities on the need for mental health wellness to be a part of their routine medical standards similar to annual physical check-ups and dental cleanings. 

Providing individual and group counseling that treats and supports ongoing mental health wellness.

Addressing difficult relationship issues on all levels.  While maintaining a loving and safe environment in which these issues can be openly shared.

Motivational, and Mental Wellness Coaching for all levels of corporate staff.  Providing workshops that address the mental health needs to navigate through the stressors generated within a work environment.

Providing Pro-Bono Mental Health Services and Support to underprivileged communities as well as advocating for education and inclusion for all those in need to receive mental health care.

Life Watering Words Wellness Center will house under one roof businesses that work in the area of supporting the achievement of a well balanced lifestyle. These include holistic services that focus on mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

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